Day: August 28, 2019

REWIND – The future of Toxin Removal and Heavy Metal Detoxification

19th July 2019 Dr Audrey Jansen Van VuurenM.Tech HOM (UJ) The effects of toxins and heavy metals on our environment and ultimately on our health, is one of the most important health challenges we face. As early as the foetus forming in the womb, humans are bombarded with heavy metals, chemicals, microorganisms and other toxins. Tomolite Nano […]

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3 Awesome Supplements after Cancer Treatment

22 August 2019 by Amelia Meyer It’s hard to describe the moment that you’re diagnosed with cancer. “I’m sorry, but we’ve found suspicious cells. We’re going to need to operate to remove the tumour, and then decide on your treatment.” Well, those were the words I heard (more or less); but, I imagine those conversations all go […]

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