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22 August 2019

by Amelia Meyer

It’s hard to describe the moment that you’re diagnosed with cancer. “I’m sorry, but we’ve found suspicious cells. We’re going to need to operate to remove the tumour, and then decide on your treatment.” Well, those were the words I heard (more or less); but, I imagine those conversations all go in a similar direction. Still, this is only the beginning of a very long road. A road of tests, appointments, specialists, waiting rooms, wards, operations, test results and treatment…It can feel endless at the time. If you’ve just started on this journey, then deciding on supplements after cancer treatment may feel very far away.  But, there will come a time that it’ll all be over and the rest of your life will begin.

The problem is that recovery after treatment doesn’t just happen. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery all leave their mark on your body and immune system. Cancer is no easy disease; it puts up a serious fight. So, once you are done with treatment, you’ll likely feel the short- and long-term effects as you struggle with infections, fatigue, and an immune system that is best compared to overcooked macaroni. Floppy. The road to recovery starts all over again. But, with time and care, you can feel energetic, strong and healthy again.

Diet and Cancer

I learnt a lot about diet when I was first diagnosed. The problem was that I didn’t learn it from the oncologists. In fact, they told me I could drink Coca-Cola™ and eat chips to my heart’s content because the treatment is what would be tackling the cancer. This kind of misinformation is what leaves cancer patients (current or in remission) with a massive mountain to climb to regain their health after treatment.  So, eliminating sugar and increasing things that will bring your body into an alkaline state are your first ports of call when you’re diagnosed. Have loads of fresh vegetables and increase the good fats in your diet (avocado, uncooked olive oil, coconut oil, and so on).

Supplements after Cancer Treatment

But, what about after your treatment? This isn’t the time to abandon any good habits. Of course, a slice of cheesecake goes a long way in bringing a smile back to your dial, so it’s all about balance. What’s more important, though, is that you start to rebuild and strengthen your body. This is where some excellent supplements after cancer treatment come in. Here are my top three recommendations:

1.       Liposomal Vitamin C

This is an exceptional source of vitamin C in a form that the body can digest easily. We need vitamin C for a number of reasons:

  • It supports and boosts our immune system to fight nasties.
  • Vitamin C helps the body to produce more collagen, which builds healthier muscles, joints and skin.
  • It also promotes the repair of muscles.
  • Vitamin C supports healthy gums, which is important to our overall wellbeing.
  • It protects the cells in the body from free radical damage too.

Usually, the high doses of vitamin C necessary for its health benefits are not well absorbed and tend to irritate the digestive tract. But, Norden’s Ultimate has produced a liposomal form, which means that the vitamin is attached to a microscopic fat ball that is easily absorbed into the cell. The ball then melts, releasing the vitamin directly into each cell. So, it doesn’t have to be digested in the stomach or intestines, which can cause irritation, and then processed by the liver. Rather, it’s transported directly to the cells, where it can start its important job. This also means that the Liposomal Vitamin C can be taken several times a day for massive doses to be absorbed by the body without the negative side effects of the vitamin in other forms.

2.       REWIND Toxin Removal System

It is widely believed that toxins (known as carcinogens) cause or increase the risk of cancer. These range from tobacco to pollution, pesticides on food, soot, and mineral oils. While we have some control over what we inhale, eat and touch; we often aren’t informed about the full extent of the cancer-causing toxins that may be sprayed onto our food, used to clean or manufacture our utensils, floating around in our environment, and so on.

Added to this, many of the medications and treatments that are used to treat cancer are little more than toxins that need to be flushed from our bodies as soon as possible. Certain chemotherapies are believed to cause massive toxicity in the body (such as cardiac toxicity, which can eventually lead to heart failure).

REWIND is a powerful detoxifier, also produced by Norden’s Ultimate. It’s an atomised spray that administers clinoptilolite safely and effectively. This is a powerful approach to ridding the body of heavy metals, pesticides and toxins. According to the Norden’s website, “REWIND removes mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminium, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins and free radicals that damage the body and affect cognitive function.”

Because the clinoptilolite is attached to purified water particles and sprayed, it can easily be absorbed by cells all over the body. It also balances the body’s pH levels (to avoid an acid environment in which cancer thrives), increases the levels of vital nutrients, and is a massive immune booster.

3.       Organi-Mune Immune Booster

This is a Vitalogy product that is, as its name implies, a very powerful immune booster. In fact, it’s been used extensively and successfully to increase CD-4 counts in patients with HIV or AIDS which is testimony to what a fantastic support to a healthy immune system it is. It also staves off colds, flu and infections – giving your body the chance to build its resources, rather than invest them into a constant fight.

More Post-Treatment Tips

While supplements after cancer treatment are an excellent way to build, recover and strengthen your body, there are other measures that can and should be taken. These might be small, but they can all contribute to a healthy body in the long term. These measures include:

  • Adding fresh ginger and garlic to your meals.
  • Putting a slice of lemon in your drinking water (remember to rinse your mouth afterwards to prevent the corrosive effect of the lemon on your tooth enamel).
  • Including plenty of fresh and raw vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoiding sugar and too many empty carbohydrates (which are converted into sugar in your body).
  • Sweetening your coffee with Stevia or munching on dates when you feel like you need a sugar-fix.

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