“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Nordens Ultimate knows the real value of health. It’s about more than a quick fix for pain, wounds or diseases. Health – real wellness – is about being truly strong, fit and happy. It’s about balancing physical and mental resources to ensure that both are in peak condition. And the commitment to getting this balance right was where and how Nordens Ultimate and our range of supplements was born. We are deeply invested in your health and wellness.

Our Story

We are Rob and Bobby, a father-and-son duo with plenty of support and hard work from the entire Nordens team.

Our commitment is to identify and fulfil health needs. Many companies cover a very broad spectrum of medicines and supplements to achieve a shotgun approach to fulfilling everybody’s needs. While our product range is relatively small, we take a very focused approach to cater to the full spectrum of people and their health needs.

The Team – Training and Experience

Rob Fuller worked for a division of Teva Pharmaceuticals for many years. At this Israeli company, he was involved in formulating specific animal feed requirements. He built a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and formulation expertise in the veterinary field, very often working with some of the top men and women in their industries.

Bobby Fuller achieved an AVCASA certification, a qualification from the Agricultural Veterinary Chemicals Association of South Africa. Together, Bobby and Rob worked for many years in the animal feed and veterinary supply business.

Bob’s wife, Tracy Fuller, joined the family business in 2015 with 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Gershon Fuller, Bob’s brother, has recently joined the Nordens team as the Sales Director, thanks to his 20 years of experience in corporate technical sales.

When we identified that so many people were suffering from maladies that could be tackled by formulating natural and tailored supplements, the transition into the human field was a natural one.

After extensive research and testing, and with the input from the very knowledgeable Dr Audrey, we formulated a range of sustainable and, whenever possible, organic products that continues to grow.

About three years ago, we started developing supplements for the body-conscious and, specifically, the gym industry. We currently supply our Joint Guard to seven world champions. Every one of them endorses one or more of our Gym Buddy products.

The Process

Priority is always given to using the best raw materials over costs.

Once we’ve produced a suitable product, it might be sent to an independent laboratory to confirm our theoretical calculations as a finished product. We have been selling our supplements since 2002 and are pleased to say that, without exception, all of our lines have been well accepted.

Success Stories and a Boy Called Hunter

One of the reasons that we are so passionate about our formulations is that they have benefitted us in a very real and personal way. Our son, Hunter, was diagnosed with autism when he was only three years old. We immediately looked for a natural solution and formulated the powerful Rewind Toxin Removal System.

From being almost completely non-verbal, averse to touch and affection, angry, frustrated, and prone to intense tantrums, Hunter is a different person.

He is playful, has a sense of humour, loves to swim, is the master joke-teller, and is as tactile and affectionate as we could ever have hoped. In 2022, he started Grade 1 and is doing well. In the midst of our joy and relief, we made it our mission to share this incredible detox product.

Here’s what others have had to say about it:

Before Rewind, Caleb wouldn’t keep still for more than 5 minutes. He would be destructive, aggressive and generally difficult to manage. Today, I am snuggled in bed with my boys, watching a movie and I haven’t been able to let go of his hand. Thank you Rewind for giving my boy back to me, I am eternally grateful to the team who made this amazing product.

Nicole George

My eldest daughter…says her vision is so much better. Rewind is awesome.

Lauren Pullia

I would like to thank Nordens for the fantastic gift of Rewind. My son has been on it for just over 6 weeks now and we are seeing constant progress. He’s more alert…his speech has also improved and he is speaking longer sentences. My son is on the [autism] spectrum and the biggest breakthrough since he is on Rewind is that he now manages his own toileting…We love Rewind.”

Theresa de Jongh

Thank you Rewind! I have lost 8 kilos!! I’m so thrilled!!

Antoinette Kinghorn

Testimonials like these are what drive us to continue to develop supplements that really make a difference. These supplements are tested, safe and have been effective for so many families and people around South Africa. For more client feedback, check out the Testimonials story highlight on Instagram account.


Meet the Nordens Ultimate Team Members:

Bob Fulller – Director

Rob Fuller – Director

Tracy Fuller – Marketing

Dr Audrey Van Vuuren – Homeopath

Judy Meyer – Office & Administration Manager

Jaclyn De Jongh – Graphic Designer

David Tiwani – Production Co-Ordinator

Yandiswa Mjilana – Despatch Manager

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