Our Story

Hello. Welcome to Nordens Ultimate. We are so glad you are here!

We’re Rob & Bobby, the father-son founders of Nordens Utlimate.
We’ve been working in the health & wellness industry for over 20 years.

Nordens Ultimate is a family owned, progressive health company, providing everyday people with a trendy brand of cutting-edge, natural health solutions.

Our Beginnings

Our journey started in the agricultural field which laid the foundation for our future success.

Having spent 30 years specializing in feed formulations and animal nutrition, amongst others, my father’s passion for nutrition and well-being, drove me to follow suit. After finishing my studies, we started working together.

Being an avid surfer, I was particularly interested in the nutritional aspect and realized the key to peak physical and mental performance starts with appropriate nourishment. Although we come from a long line of medical professionals, we decided to follow an innovative path in the field of NATURAL health and well-being. The result has been the development of new and exciting health solutions through our Vitalogy and Nordens Ultimate Ranges.

Our business had humble beginnings, but over the years has grown from strength to strength, with my wife Tracy, a running enthusiast joining the ever growing Nordens team shortly after giving birth to our son in 2015. Together, our driving force is to identify and produce products, not universally available, and for which there is a great need.

Our Journey to here and the story of Hunter

Our Little Hunter

Our latest development came about out of necessity when our little boy Hunter was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. Naturally we were devastated. Instinctively we sought out a natural solution. After many months of research and development, we formulated Rewind Toxin Removal System, a nanotechnology oral atomizer spray. Rewind has transformed our little boy from the darkest place to where he is now, happy and loving life! Hunter has progressed exponentially. From being almost non-verbal, fearless, to the point of running away without looking back, no eye contact and tantrums that lasted hours, today Hunter has a vocabulary of about 500 words and can now form sentences. He is affectionate, kisses us and strangers of his own accord. Eye contact is normal. He is progressing well at school and at swimming lessons, interacting in class activities, whereas before he would stand alone outside, hiding and refusing to come inside.

Most importantly Hunter is happy! We know this as he sings and dances all day. Although we still have some way to go, the changes in Hunter’s personality are breath taking, and we are now functioning well as a family.

Formulating the Rewind Toxin Removal System

Rewind has phenomenal detox abilities, and the benefits of toxin removal can be life changing.
Understanding the benefits of toxin removal on our health and beauty, Sure Slim South Africa now use Rewind as their first step to sustainable weight loss in their weight loss programmes.

Our supplements are tried and tested, by amongst others, those in the athletic field, encompassing body builders and power lifters, where with the support of our Ultimate Joint Guard, the current South African Masters power lifting Champion, Donavan Carter, was able to recuperate from severe joint injury to win not only the title, but also break the SA record.

Our drive is to continue to deliver a brand that people can relate to.
The combination of, ‘out of the box’ thinking, highly bio-available organic ingredients and advanced delivery systems, enable the dynamic Nordens team to deliver a brand of products that effectively alleviate many of the common problems people face today.

Not having a hierarchical structure as most major companies do, we are able to identify, conceptualize and bring to market highly effective natural health products.

We see ourselves continuing with ground-breaking developments in the future.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Meet the Nordens Ultimate Team Members: