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Nordens Ultimate is a progressive health company. We provide everyday people with a trendy brand of natural health supplements. Although we come from a long line of medical professionals, we decided to follow an innovative path in the field of NATURAL health and well-being.

What’s our secret?. Well, we’ve combined, ‘out of the box’ thinking, organic ingredients, technology and advanced delivery systems. This helps the Nordens team deliver a brand of products that effectively alleviate many of the common problems people face today. Personal experience and health challenges have also been a motivating factor.

Our approach has been to identify and produce products that are needed, but not readily available. We have embraced nanotechnology as one of the driving forces of our way forward.

Our drive too has been in the athletic field encompassing amongst others, body builders and power lifters. For example, with the help of our products.

The current South African Masters power lifting Champion was able to recuperate from severe injury to win not only the title, but also break the SA record

We see ourselves continuing with ground breaking developments in the future by identifying needs and then fulfilling these. Not having the same structure as the major companies do, we are able  to identify,, conceptualize and bring to market effective natural health supplements.

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