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19th July 2019

Dr Audrey Jansen Van Vuuren
M.Tech HOM (UJ)

The effects of toxins and heavy metals on our environment and ultimately on our health, is one of the most important health challenges we face. As early as the foetus forming in the womb, humans are bombarded with heavy metals, chemicals, microorganisms and other toxins.

Tomolite Nano Technology makes it possible to remove these toxins by administering REWIND – a nano particle sized clinoptilolite.

Zeolites – clinoptilolite being a prime example has a number of exceptional qualities. This crystalline material typically has a three-dimensional atomic structure that looks like a microscopic triangle or pyramid. The result is an exceptionally high surface area. This increased surface area makes it possible to remove more toxins.

Clinoptilolite does not reside in the body and is expelled within 6 hours.


The key to the effectiveness of REWIND as a toxin removal system lies in the natural forces of polarity otherwise known as positive and negative which results in a Cat-ionic exchange. REWIND carries a negative charge. By and large heavy metals and toxins are positively charged and very often reside in the brain where they are responsible for cognitive disruptions. Negatively charged REWIND particles attract positive toxins and are expelled from the body, mainly in sweat and urine.


REWIND is a specific Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) which is recognized by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). Mega doses are nontoxic. 


While there is no upper intake limit it is suggested to start low and go slow, a single spray should be administered initially in the morning. This can be increased to two sprays per day within a few days (one in the morning and one in the evening) thereafter systematically increase to five sprays per day (3 in the morning and 2 in the evening)  As with any detoxification process, your patient should drink copious amounts of water.


Although we make no claims regarding this product, scientific research into Zeolites suggests that it would markedly reduce heavy metal toxicity, especially found in Autistic children and people trying to lose weight.


In our observation of autistic children, there is an almost immediate change in their behaviour. Some of these positive effects are, initiating eye contact, increased vocabulary, improved concentration and calmness and many other behavioural and anxiety related disturbances. Young children often react more rapidly than adults as their toxin build up is usually relatively higher per body weight mass than adults. 

IT MAKES SENSE, that each person should be on REWIND, a natural occurring clinoptilolite, to improve many everyday symptoms related to poor diet, living in a toxic environment, weight loss, and other more serious diseases caused by toxins in the environment and body.

Sure-Slim international recently incorporated REWIND as an integral part of their weight loss program as toxin build up results in poor health, weight gain and even diabetes.


We cannot possibly mention all the beneficial research done on Zeolites but encourage you to read peer-reviewed articles on the website. Search for benefits of “Zeolite Clinoptilolites”.

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