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SureSlim, an internationally acclaimed natural wellness and weight loss brand has assisted thousands of people around the world to shed excess kilograms. The SureSlim approach has been to develop products and Eating Plans that are individualistic and sustainable. Harnessing medical research together with nutritional science are the fundamentals to meeting our goal which is and has been to offer a superior basket of services to our clients. Individually tailored Eating Plans coupled with above average supplements and client support have ensured the success of SureSlim.

Our product manufacturers are always selected on the basis of integrity, proven unquestionable quality and reliability. Excellent communication with suppliers ensures that products always meet our elevated standards. We are proud to announce that SureSlim have now been associated with Nordens/Vitalogy for the past fifteen years. In keeping with our strict quality standards, Nordens/Vitalogy have never failed to uphold our values and are a source of inspiration in product development and innovation.

Our ongoing research has revealed that toxins are a major cause of fatty tissue build up. (Dr Mark Hyman – Cleveland Clinic) After testing Nordens Ultimate Rewind Toxin Removal Spray, SureSlim has decided to incorporate this as the first product in all wellness and weight loss protocols. We live in a toxic world and Rewind, a Nanoparticle Size Clinoptilolite, is highly effective in eradicating toxins from the body. Rewind is absolutely safe and may be used in other applications by pregnant, breast feeding ladies and even little children.

Rewind, a safe natural negatively charged substance draws all positively charged toxins such as heavy metals and chemicals from the body. These toxins exit the body within about 6-7 hours in the urine leaving no residual Rewind at all. There is no cumulative effect with Rewind so missing a day or two does not affect it’s efficacy. In our experience, Rewind has not only proved beneficial in weight loss, but does so much more. Originally developed to assist in the treatment of autism, it helps with many health issues associated with toxins. We have also experienced amazing benefits with anxiety alleviation.

It has been a wonderful journey with Nordens and the collaboration between the two companies has been legendary. As we move forward in the future the prevalence of toxins will increase and I feel that apart from utilizing Rewind as the product of choice in starting any wellness and weight loss regime, it will become ever more important to follow a regular detox programme incorporating Rewind Toxin Removal System.

Enjoy your exciting wellness journey!

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