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Tracy & Hunter

It was less than two years ago that Suddenly a Mom Blog posted this article about Hunter, our son. We’d only recently got the news that he’d been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. He was two years old and, in a way, we were relieved. It explained so many of the symptoms that we’d been concerned about, comparing to friends’ children, and Googling.

When we answered Suddenly a Mom’s original questions about our Hunter, we’d got the diagnosis and had some direction; a new resolve to do things differently. We had a new perspective and new insights. But, we had no idea of the impact that Ultimate Rewind Toxin Removal System would make in the development and progress of our son.

Before we started on his course of heavy metal detox, Hunter was anxious, frustrated, hyperactive and impervious to discipline. We’d started avoiding socialising with friends, planning who does a quick trip to the shops (because making a family trip there would’ve been a nightmare), and spending date nights talking about our concerns about him.

For the last year or so, we’ve been using Ultimate Rewind – a toxin removal spray that is odourless and colourless, and easy to administer via a quick spray in the mouth.

Suddenly a Mom agreed to follow up on our progress.

1. When did you start using Rewind on Hunter and what have you noticed since then?

Hunter started using Rewind in November 2018, when he was three years old. He is now almost five.

2. How would you describe him these days? Has his personality changed?

Hunter is a little monkey. And I say that with absolute endearment. He is quirky and funny and he makes us laugh from the time he wakes up until his bedtime. He absolutely loves people, school and swimming lessons.

After school, he asks me to drive around our estate looking for “friends”… he calls anyone under the age of about 16 his “friend”. He will make me stop the car wherever he sees one or more kids playing and he will just go and join them. I sometimes get embarrassed because they’re strangers, but I’m so proud of his progress, I don’t stop him. Luckily we live in an estate where most people know us.

He spends hours in the communal pool in our estate playing games with his “friends” in the pool.

One of his favourite things to do lately is racing us up the stairs. He will be on the couch downstairs, watching a movie, and I will walk up the stairs. He’ll drop what he is doing, speed past me saying “I’m gonna win you!” When he gets to the top, he yells, “I won you, I won you” and he does a happy dance. He does this about 30 times a day! It’s hilarious and has become “a thing” now.

He asks me to put his favourite song on at least twice a day now. He calls it his “dance dance” song and dances like crazy to it (Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling). This sense of fun and freedom is a new development in our child, and we love watching him enjoy life.  

He still sleeps in our bed with us. We love it. He loves it. It just works for us. It’s where we get to cuddle and chat.  

He wrestles his dad and his grandfather all the time, which is a level of tactile contact I never thought he’d be capable of. He says “I’m gonna fix you up” and then starts doing Hunter-style karate kicks and jumps. It’s very cute. 

We can now take Hunter to braais and he interacts much, much better with others. 

3. What milestones are you most proud of?

He speaks in full sentences now. Although still behind other people his age, his progress is astounding. From being almost completely non-verbal, he now says hundreds of words, asks questions, answers questions and asks for what he wants. He can tell me when he’s sick and where he hurts. 

His makes wees in the toilet now. We are still using nappies for number two’s, but I’m sure that will end soon. 

He’s stopped drinking his baby bottle in mid-2019, when he was four years old. He now drinks from normal water bottles. This was a big thing for us.

He tells me “I love you, mommy” all the time. He also tells me when he thinks something is “really beautiful” and when he thinks a baby “is so cute.” 

Communication is his biggest milestone. His social skills have improved. I love taking him into the supermarket with me now to do a grocery shop. I couldn’t do this in the past – he would have a total meltdown. Now, as I fill the trolley with items, he names each one. He chats with people working in the vegetable aisle and plays games with them. He can now play hide and seek. 

When we arrive home, he can unbuckle himself from his car chair and get out of the car himself. 

These are just a few things; I could carry on for hours. Although Hunter has made leaps and bounds in all aspects of his life, he does still battle with certain things and we are going to continue to detox him with Rewind for as long as he needs it.

4. What other supplements have you used on Hunter and with what results?

We only use Ultimate Rewind, Norden’s Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C, and Vitalogy’s Organi-mune drops for when he is sick. 

About Ultimate Rewind Toxin Removal System

Toxins are all around us – from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the people we come into contact with every day. They poison our bodies, preventing the enzymes that govern our digestive, motor, nervous and respiratory systems to work properly.

Rewind has proved to be effective in:

  • Helping those living with autism to form emotional connections, verbalise their feelings, and refine their motor skills.
  • Maintaining a healthy pH level.
  • Removing heavy metals from the body (including arsenic, aluminium and lead).
  • Improving concentration.
  • Aiding in digestion and weight control
  • Helping people to sleep.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Helping the body to flush radioactive toxins (often following cancer treatments).

To find out more about this life-changing product, please email Tracy on

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