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This Covid-19 lockdown has everyone feeling some kind of frustration. Pair that with concern about “life after the virus” and lashings of boredom, and we have another kind of crisis on our hands. We’re sharing some of the key ways for you to maintain your fitness and stay healthy while you’re respecting the quarantine rules. A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind, and it’s essential to take care of yourself and your family during lockdown.


It’s so tempting to veg on the couch and, if ever there was the time to indulge, it’s now. But, this is also an important time to keep moving. Sitting for too long causes weight gain, tight hips, and pain in your muscles and joints. In addition, it can increase your chances of developing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Fat-Burning Exercises

YouTube has loads of excellent fat-burning aerobic workouts that are fun and easy to do from home. For a more intense workout, try this 10-minute HIIT workout option from MadFit (added bonus: no equipment is required).

We also love the workout tips that Izzy Fitness posted on her Instagram fitness account, where she uses goodies from around the house as weights for the ultimate quarantine workout.

If you’d prefer to do something on your own, try:

  • Running up and down your stairs
  • Burpees
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Stomach crunches
  • Running on the spot
  • Star jumps
  • Lunges (jump in-between for an extra challenge)
  • Squats (jump in-between to get even stronger)
  • Planking

Or, for a set 20-minute workout, try this:

  • 10 x push-ups
  • 20 x squats
  • 20 x sit-ups
  • 10 x walking lunges per leg
  • 15 seconds planking
  • 30 x jumping jacks

Repeat it three times.

A cardio workout around the house isn’t as easy, because it usually requires a bit more space. But, these exercises will definitely get the heart racing.

Low-Impact Workout

If you usually prefer to walk or cycle and you want to maintain your fitness without doing anything too intense, find low-impact workouts like this or this, both by Body Project. They’re manageable, with a little challenge, and the instructor is super-encouraging. You’ll definitely work up a sweat without putting pressure on your joints and spine. 


Stocking up on healthful ingredients and snacks means putting your body in the best position possible to fight disease, and to stay strong and healthy. Resist the urge to live on carbs and sugar, and try to make good choices. This can be hard on lockdown because it tends to feel like a forced vacation, which usually translates to treats. Some excellent items for your pantry include:

  • Ginger
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Avocados
  • Garlic
  • Olive / avocado / coconut oil
  • Lentils
  • Pilchards (high in omega-3 and protein)
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts

And for the medicine cabinet:

  • Vitamin C – improves immune system (this is most effective in a liposomal form, as it’s better absorbed in sufficient quantities)
  • Iron – boosts the immune system
  • Magnesium – repairs DNA and RNA, creates proteins and contributes to a healthy mind
  • Omega-3 – promotes healthy bodies and brains
  • Moringa – boosts the immune system and contains 46 antioxidants


It’s tempting to spend the days, nights, weekdays and weekends on a hamster-wheel of watching series, lying in bed, lying on the couch, eating, watching movies, and repeat. But, it won’t take long before you feel sluggish, struggle to concentrate and begin to feel down and anxious.

So, use this time to care for your body and mind.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bath with Epsom salts and peppermint oil (or any essential oil that you love).
  • Do stretches every morning or evening.
  • Take time away from your devices and just be.
  • Start a gratitude journal, taking time every day to list the things you’re grateful for or things that made you laugh that day.
  • Create something often – whether it’s a new painting, something you’ve sewn or knitted, a meal you’ve been dying to try out, or even kids’ jewellery using dry pasta or old beads. Just use your hands and get creative.
  • Plant vegetables in the garden and spend time caring for them. The fresh air and sunshine are just as good for you as they are for your plants.
  • Meditate – use apps or YouTube guided meditations to help you, if you’re not familiar with good meditation techniques.
  • Put on some 90’s rock and dance around the lounge, bedroom or garage to get the blood flowing and the heart going, while having plenty of fun.


The world will take a long time to recover from this pandemic and many things will never be the same again. Use this lockdown as your opportunity to cultivate good habits that contribute to your health and wellness.

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