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Support local! This has been a buzz phrase and movement for years, and continues to grow in popularity – especially in the wake of the lockdowns and restrictions that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. Shops closed, people lost their jobs, and many of us opted for buying as much as possible online. As a result, the whole buying (and selling) experience has shifted a little. As consumers, we have the opportunity to choose who we support at every level of the market.  

How to Support Local

In the health and wellness sphere, there are loads of opportunities to support local. Some of the most practical and basic ways to do this are:

Buy from Local Vendors or Markets

In cities and towns, there are usually markets held on weekends, where locals can sell their fruit, vegetables, preserves, baked goods, detergents, beauty products, and more. Make an outing of your local market and get as much from here as possible.

Get Social

Join a Facebook group for your area, where people will usually advertise their produce. This helps you to be part of the community and to be more aware of what’s available.

Connect With Suppliers

Get acquainted with local entrepreneurs and make a point of getting what you can from them. This includes opting for a meal from an owner-run restaurant down the road rather than a take-away from a franchise, for example. This might take a bit of research as well as trying a lot of different products and suppliers. In doing this, you’re supporting local and finding hidden gems.

Tell Others

Word-of-mouth is a fantastic way for small businesses to create a reputation and build their business. So, when you’ve found products or services that you like, don’t be shy about telling others. Mention them on your social media and link to the businesses to boost them. When you’re looking for gifts for friends and family, use this opportunity to introduce them to local products. Opt for indulgent bath products or healthy treats from local vendors. Your friends will love them as much as you do.

Build Your Own Local Community

If you produce your own products for the wellness world, be sure to try and source your supplies locally too. By doing this you’re an important part of creating this community. You’re also ensuring that you use fresher ingredients when you know exactly where they come from or how they were grown.

Why Shop Locally for Wellness Products?

While it’s good to support all sorts of local initiatives, health and wellness products are often especially important to find within your community or, at the very least, in South Africa.  How does supporting local help?

It May Help the Environment

Local products don’t need to be transported into the country by air or water, which reduces the carbon footprint that they make. In terms of fresh produce, it also promotes agriculture (or, at the very least, active gardening) and the fruit and vegetables are not usually treated with any or as many pesticides. Locally sourced meat and dairy are seldom pumped with as many hormones or other harmful products as mass-produced goods.

Local Really is Lekker

Because local produce is created on a smaller scale, it’s often tailored to suit the individual customer and our needs and preferences. The business owner is more likely to become aware of what his or her clients need and want, and to cater to this. What’s more, because smaller batches are made and sold, you’ll probably find that the ingredients and end products are fresher.

Deliveries are Usually Cheaper and Easier

Without import taxes and shipping delays, you’ll likely get your products quicker and at a cheaper transport cost. When it comes to health and wellness products, which are often at the costlier end of the spectrum, this reduction is very welcome.

Boost Your Economy

It might not feel like buying your wellness products from a local supplier is doing much, but it takes a lot of droplets to fill a bucket. So, don’t underestimate your buying power. The more we support and uplift local suppliers, the more they blossom and the less our communities rely on imported, mass-produced products. This keeps the money local.

South African Brands to Support

Generally, the more local a company or supplier is, the better it is to support them. So, do your research and find out what people in your immediate area are offering so that you can find and create opportunities to support them.

But, supporting larger South African companies is also important. Here are some of the local health, beauty, and wellness brands that we love:

SKOON. Skincare

This company was founded by South African women and is all about celebrating the sense of community and the pristine, healthful florals found in this country.

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Wazoogles Superfood

Give your entire system a boost with these superfoods. Wazoogles was started by two Cape Town surfers and products include oats, protein blends, snacks, breakfasts, and smoothie toppers.

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Eco Diva Natural

This vegan range is dedicated to balancing the pH levels on our skin and in our gut, as well as providing cleaning products for the home. 

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African Extracts

With its roots in Cape Town, this brand creates affordable skincare that makes the most of the healthy, antioxidant qualities of the rooibos plant.

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POWA Products

POWA’s plant-based, gluten-free protein products are in four flavours – chocolate, peanut butter, coffee and original. They have no added sugar and are jam-packed with superfoods.

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Soaring Free Superfoods

Raw, organic and wild-crafted…this is the Soaring Free experience. Their products include raw cacao products, barley grass, berries, hemp products, superfood protein shakes, and plant-based protein mixes.

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Nordens Ultimate

Nordens Ultimate is a South African, family-owned company with a wide range of locally-produced goods that support the immune, digestive, neurological and metabolic systems extremely efficiently. We have supplements available for adults and children, all of which have had remarkably positive and healthful effects. To support local, order our wellness products online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram too.

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