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Celebrities are always in the public eye, so many famous folk invest loads of time and energy into their health so that they look and feel their best. Some are brilliant, some are balmy…We’re sharing a bit of both! Please note that we’re not suggesting you try any of these; always consult a professional before changing your diet or lifestyle.

22 Cool and Crazy Celebrity Health Tips

1.       Christina Aguilera colour-codes her food…literally

This diva eats certain colours of food on certain days of the week:

Day 1: white (e.g. mushrooms and white cabbage)

Day 2: red (e.g. strawberries and pomegranates)

Day 3: green (e.g. leafy greens and baby marrows)

Day 4: orange (e.g. pumpkin and grapefruit)

Day 5: purple (e.g. aubergines and purple cabbage)

Day 6: yellow (e.g. bananas and patty pans)

Day 7: all colours

Different colours of food offer different nutrients. So, this variety certainly forces you to increase the variety of vitamins and minerals you’re consuming, if you keep the choices healthy.

2.       Megan Markle drinks green and eats fat

This beauty drinks a green juice every day in the afternoon and includes plenty of good fats in her diet to give her the energy boost and nutrients that she needs. Green juices are really easy to make in a blender, Nutribullet, or juicer. Include ingredients like cucumber, kale, spinach, lemons, ginger, and one small apple for some sweetness.

3.       Blake Lively lifts children for her health

This gives new meaning to making kids work for their keep! Blake Lively uses her little ones in her workouts, lifting these cuties as wriggly weights. We love this idea for staying healthy, spending time with your children, and enjoying a little free gym!

4.       Snookie’s cookies

In 2010, Snookie ate 6 cookies a day plus 1 small meal. She lost weight, of course (thanks to the low calories), but this diet is full of refined sugars with minimal nutrition. Probably not the best idea.

5.       Jennifer Aniston gets her stretch on

Jen is famous for indulging in a delicious pasta when the mood takes her and is all about balance, not restriction. That gorgeous bod is partly due to her regular regime of mindful yoga. She’s openly been a fan of yoga since 2005 and continues to keep herself healthy and lithe with these strong, deliberate workouts.

6.       Alicia Keys spins for bread

She loves her carbs, so Alicia Keys keeps healthy and fit by hopping on her spinning bike to burn some of that energy. Still, she admits that, when she made the sacrifice to cut bread and dairy, she experienced hugely positive results in the reduction of her acne.

7.       Jennifer Lopez keeps health simple

JLo drinks at least 7 glasses of water every day. This not only keeps her hydrated, but also fights the signs of ageing, keeps her skin youthful and glowy, and prevents her from confusing thirst for hunger. But, she’s also about balance, which is why she enjoys some doughnuts when she’s in the mood.

8.       Davina McCall listens to her natural clock

She wakes up with the sunrise and follows the rhythm of the day until it sets. It sounds simple, but have you tried it? Begin your energising as the day begins to lighten and start to wind down and relax as darkness descends. This forces us to rest and take a much-needed break from eating, working, and spending time on social media.

9.       Jillian Michaels is committed to carbs

Woohoo, finally; an eating plan we can really get behind! Jillian Michaels believes in not demonising any type of food, but in enjoying anything in moderation…including waffles. She balances a healthy attitude to food with plenty of exercise to look and feel fantastic.

10.   Reese Witherspoon ate baby food

This one is a little crazy for us. Reese ate 14 jars of baby food plus 1 small meal every day! This diet is way too limited in terms of nutrients, which will lead to weight loss, but is not a healthy choice or a long-term solution.

11.   Gemma Atkinson is 80/20

Gemma aims to eat and do 80% of what her body needs and 20% of what it wants. This makes room for tasty treats and rest days, but also ensures that they don’t become unhealthy habits that start to take over.

12.   Kate Hudson eats…often (yay)

She’s active and enjoys yoga, but Kate Hudson also eats at least 5 times a day for her health. Smaller, more regular, nutritious meals ensure that she doesn’t get overly hungry and scarf down some heavy carbs or sweets in a single sitting. They also help to keep cravings at bay.

13.   Eva Longoria is a night owl

Although she loves her fresh pastry in the morning, Eva tries to push her lunch until the late afternoon and her dinner until 21h00 or 21h30. We’re not sure about this one, but…you do you, Boo!

14.   Rebel Wilson works really hard

She loves a good spoil as much as the rest of us, so Rebel Wilson makes sure that she trains hard with her personal trainer and goes on frequent brisk walks at other times.

15.   Katy Perry made “mush room” in her jeans (get it?)

When she wants to lose weight, Katy apparently replaces 1 meal a day with raw mushrooms for a total of 14 days. There’s really no reason this would work except that it’s a great reduction in calories for that meal.

16.   Gwyneth Paltrow sleeps herself to good health

In addition to reasonable amounts of exercise and loads of healthy fats (like avocado and trout), Gwyneth Paltrow swears by her strict regime of getting between 7 and 10 hours of clean sleep every night. To do this may require that you eat earlier, leave your devices out of your bedroom, and avoid alcohol in the evening, but it’s well worth that Gwyneth glow!

17.   Kate Beckinsale dumped coffee and alcohol

When she learnt that these stimulants were having adverse effects on how she felt, Kate Beckinsale decided to ditch them completely. Today, she opts for proteins, good fats and plenty of raw veg to fuel her body and fight her cravings.

18.   Jessica Alba is all about balance

When she restricts her diet too much, Jessica Alba finds that she eventually succumbs to bingeing – we all know the cycle. So, instead, she does her own cooking to ensure that she controls how nutritious her meals are, and then allows herself the treats that she craves, if and when she craves them. Balance!

19.   Megan Fox shoots apple cider vinegar

Every morning, Megan starts her day with a shot of apple cider vinegar. This is believed to aid weight loss, reduce acidity throughout the body, stabilise blood sugar, and reduces heartburn (amongst many other benefits). This is an easy one that’s well worth trying.


20.   Goldie Hawn goes mental

Goldie believes in mindful eating as opposed to emotional eating. This means paying real attention to the taste, texture, smell and even sound of the food you’re enjoying. It’s slow and deliberate. It takes longer and is more satisfying and, ultimately, enjoyable.

21.   Carrie Underwood journals her meals

Carrie Underwood believes in being more aware of the actual amounts and food types that she’s consuming through the day, and she journals to keep track. Do this to have more control and make better decisions. This is a great idea if you’re one of those busy people that forget the 2 rusks you had with your coffee or whether it was 2 or 4 glasses of wine that you enjoyed with dinner.

22.   Busy Phillips bullet-proofs her coffee

She adds 2 tablespoons of butter or ghee, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 2 scoops of collagen protein powder to her good-quality coffee. She blitzes it and enjoys the energy boost and feeling of satisfaction for hours after. We can’t wait to try this!

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