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It’s November and we’re coming to the end of a year that has been stressful and hard for so many of us. It seems like every-second person we meet is anxious, overwhelmed, or both. So, at this stage of the year, with the summer holidays looming, it can be really tough to focus on being fit or healthy. For many of us, it feels like more than enough effort just to survive, nevermind looking and feeling good while doing it!

But, it’s more important now than ever to take care of ourselves and stay healthy. Holidays and all the entertaining and socialising can hit us hard; especially when it’s all over and we’re left with inflammation, low energy levels, and (possibly) unwanted weight.


8 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy as the Holidays Approach

Formal, diagnosed burnout requires medical attention. It’s serious and can lead to major depression. So, in this piece, we’re not referring to medical burnout, but to the exhaustion and feelings of overwhelm that we all experience at times.

Here are some important, easy things we can do to stay relatively healthy during the year-end burnout or holiday season:

1. Set Reachable Goals

Instead of aiming to achieve the impossible (or the very challenging), rather set smaller goals that you can achieve. By doing this, you not only set yourself up for success, but you also feel stronger and more positive. So instead of aiming to lose 10kgs by the time you leave for your beach holiday, simply aim to reduce sugar in your diet and to walk every day until then. This is a healthy option that is achievable.

2. Reward Yourself (Within Reason)

This is especially important if you’ve been neglecting yourself a little in the mayhem of year-end. View self-care as a reward, rather than as another task. For example, a brisk walk in the evening shouldn’t be a chore, but a reward for a day spent in an office or running errands.

Rewards shouldn’t be in any form that will add to your guilt or overwhelm. So, if you’re trying to cut down on sugar, don’t make sugar your reward. Rather, opt for something like a bubble bath or a Sunday spent watching your favourite series. It’s your choice, but don’t sabotage your efforts to be healthy with rewards that do more damage than good.

3. Reduce Your Workload

This might not seem possible, but there are probably small ways that you can reduce your load. And, when it comes to year-end fatigue, every little bit of relief goes a long way. Simplifying things may mean delegating some tasks (such as household chores), or deciding what jobs can, realistically, be left until after the holidays, even if that wasn’t part of the initial plan.

People-pleasers are usually most at risk for overloading their plate in order to make others happy. Learn the freedom that comes from saying no to tasks that you can’t or don’t want to do. You will find that people accept your no quite easily and simply find another solution.

4. Don’t Compare

It’s crucial that, when you’re working hard to keep your head above water, you focus on yourself and your own abilities. Resist the urge to compare what you have, what you want, and what you can do with what others have, want and do.

Also, remember that social media is not an accurate representation of what others are achieving. So, never compare your real life to the curated highlights reel that is social media.

5. Know Your Rhythm

Whether it’s how long you need to sleep, when you need to eat, or the best time to exercise; know yourself and your natural rhythms. When you fight against these, you set yourself up for exhaustion and, possibly, failure. But, by working along with your natural needs and healthy rhythms, you give your mind and body the best opportunity to be strong, well-rested, and happy.

6. Write it Down

Keep your daily schedule, goals, and long-term commitments written down. This relieves you of a huge amount of anxiety and the load of trying to remember and keep track of everything.

Interestingly, this also works for your anxieties and intrusive thoughts. Writing them down often reveals how unrealistic they are and helps you to get a handle on them. Expressing them in writing can help your mind to put them to rest instead of obsessing over them.

7. Relish the Positive

Try to focus on the good during this time. Do you have a few seconds to admire the sunset? Could you cuddle the kids and make them giggle? Have you got a good wine to sip on with dinner? Make the most of any and all positive moments…these are the ones that count in the long run.

And, by consistently looking for and focusing on the positive, you’re far more likely to start feeling your whole disposition become more cheerful and appreciative, and less anxious and negative.

8. Supplements

Taking good quality supplements is a very effective, passive way to contribute to good physical and mental health when everything else feels a little too much. Some recommended supplements include:

  • Organi-Mune Immune Booster – keep your immune system strong so that you’re not utterly depleted and left battling illness while trying to trudge through the end-of-year work rush and planning family holidays. Organi-Mune also contributes to a general feeling of well-being.


  • Vitamin D3 – this powerful vitamin acts more like a hormone in the body and has been shown to have incredible health benefits – both mental and physical. It eases depression and anxiety, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, and fights illnesses. Read more about its incredible benefits here.


  • Zeolite Detox Powder – we love this one because it’s so multifaceted. Consume this detox powder to remove toxins and heavy metals from your body or apply it as an indulgent face mask to leave your skin looking and feeling fantastic – the perfect way to treat yourself without taking too much time or effort.


To order your supplements and start conquering the threat of a year-end burnout, WhatsApp us on 072 621 7725 or shop for your products on our online shop.

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