• Supplies daily vitamin requirements
  • Contains added organic materials
  • Recovery from illness
  • Boosts energy

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Available in 30 capsule bottle



Product Description

  • Supplies daily vitamin requirements
  • Contains added organic materials
  • Recovery from illness
  • Boosts energy
NAPPI Code NAPPI Suffix Product Name Dosage Form Pack Quantity Pack UOM
712888 1 Organa-vit 400 mg CAP 30 CAP

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30 Capsules

4 reviews for Organa-Vit

  1. Admin

    Adeline Bloem-Pillay – April 6, 2018

    Organa-vit definitely gives me an energy boost and my daily vitamin requirements.

  2. Admin

    Gill – April 6, 2018

    My 11 year old son is taking Organavit as a daily multivitamin.

    His all-round health and immune response is better since being on this vitamin combo.
    I had his vitamin and mineral levels checked this week, and he isn’t deficient in anything.

    Easy to swallow capsules and the fact that the dosage is one capsule a day makes this ideal for us.

  3. Admin

    Bhavana Singh – April 20, 2018

    Organa-vit gives me my daily vitamin requirements as I am a fussy eater so I used to lack so much of vitamins which affected my health negatively. I also am allergic to so many medication ingredients so I cannot just take any supplements but just the natural ones containing ingredients that do not cause me harmful side effects. My hair would turn grey, thin down and fall off easily, my nails turn yellow and brittle and I used to feel so tired and drained out but since I use Organa-vit I have noticed positive changes as my hair is stronger, not falling and not so much greys, my nails are also stronger and the correct colour and I am full of energy, able to tackle my day head on and accomplish all my tasks efficiently, still feeling fresh and energised hours later!
    Thank You for such precious products that truly work wonders! I highly recommend your products to everyone!

  4. Sonia Landman

    ‭My experience from using Organamin, Moringa Plus and Organa Vit for the past 3 years has only been positive. Organamin has not only added to my health, it has also helped me to sleep at night. After a month of taking it before going to sleep, I was sleeping through. I swear by the Moringa Plus, it has been an amazing immune booster. I used to get sick so often and ever since taking the Moringa Plus I hardly get sick. Unfortunately I have moved to Italy and am really going to miss these products. I would recommend them to anyone!!‬

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