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Teenagers are mysterious creatures…I know because I have one. This is a time of so many changes – some physical, others emotional, some good, some exciting, and some a little tougher to get through. But, as parents, one of the most important things we can do is educate our teens how to care for themselves, both physically and emotionally. This involves more than making sure that they eat their vegetables and shower every day. A healthy teenager needs to learn to manage and control their own diet, hygiene and exercise, and to take note of how their choices make them feel; with help and insight from you.

Tips for a Healthy Teenager

As with all of us, true health and wellness come from a combination of factors that include caring for both our bodies and minds.

For teenagers, this is fairly new territory. We’re less inclined to remind them to do menial things like brush their teeth or cut their nails now that they’re older and more independent. Added to this, they’re suddenly sweating more, may have pimples, growing hair in new places and, for girls, bleeding regularly. And that’s just physical. Emotionally, they’re experiencing new hormones, emotions become stronger, and their moods are inclined to change. Quickly.

What a world to be thrust upon them…and upon us as teen parents. So, it’s never too early to start training them to ascertain their own needs and to take care of their minds and bodies as best they can.


Sugar is, realistically, never good for anyone, but this is especially true of the healthy teenager. Not only does it affect their skin and weight, but it also creates an acidic environment in the body and can contribute to depression and anxiety too. It increases their risk of developing chronic conditions in the future, reduces their ability to concentrate, compromises their immune system, and can lead to diabetes.

But, “sugar” isn’t only referring to cupcakes and donuts. Rather, it includes:

  • Fructose (found in fruit, so keep their fruit intake in check)
  • Sucrose (common table sugar)
  • Maltose (found in malt-flavoured milkshakes and candy)
  • Lactose (the sugar in milk and, less so, cream)
  • Dextrose (corn sugar used to sweeten many treats)

In addition, carbohydrates are metabolised into sugar by our body for a quick energy boost. So, while it’s tempting to feed hungry teens bulk carbs to fill them up, this isn’t optimal for their overall health.

In addition to cutting sugars and carbs, they should also have a balanced diet of proteins and vegetables with plenty of good fats (like butter, ghee, lard, olive oil, and avocado oil) to keep them full and energised. Always opt for water over fruit juices or sodas. Of course, they’re teens and they need treats too. But, when the majority of their diet is full of real nourishment, they’re better equipped to be healthy teenagers.

Exercise for a Healthy Teenager

Take advantage of the sports activities offered by the school, if they attend. If your teen doesn’t love formal sports or they’re home-schooled and don’t have access to the free coaching, there are still many ways that they can be active. Make it fun by organising group hikes, going body-boarding in the sea, doing a Pilates class outdoors, or arranging informal sports matches for them and their friends (like volleyball or basketball).

Check social media for events happening in your area; like park runs or charity walks. Doing these as a family and bringing some friends along are what makes for happy memories (and healthy teenagers).


Ah yes, gotta love the smell of teenagers in the morning. It might take them a while to adjust to having to wear deodorant, showering more often, and washing their hair that is suddenly a lot greasier. Be patient, but remind them to do this until it becomes a habit. Being clean and looking good plays a big role in their self-esteem and mental well-being, even if they don’t agree just yet. And it makes living with them a whole lot more pleasant.

Mental Health

This is probably the biggest challenge when it comes to a healthy teenager. There are just so many unknowns, hormones that are galloping all over the place, and issues that feel a lot bigger and more important than we may understand. To promote a healthy mind in your teen, encourage and teach them to:

  • Write down what they’re grateful for in a journal.
  • Speak about the things that worry them. Don’t assume it’s normal or will just go away. (Remember not to pressure them to speak to you. Allow them the freedom to speak to teachers or trusted relatives.)
  • Love and accept the things that make them unique.
  • Stop comparing themselves to others.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Take care of their physical health, it will make a huge difference to how they feel.
  • Think very carefully before trying new experiences – whether it’s jumping off a rock into the water or contemplating that first drag of a cigarette.
  • Develop their own set of values and principles.
  • Choose friends that build them up and promote making good choices that help them rather than hurt them.
  • Limit their time on social media.
  • Share their lives, friends, and choices with you. Help them to see you as being on their team.

Supplements for a Healthy Teenager

Nordens Ultimate has a variety of supplements that are ideal for a healthy teenager to take daily. These help to support or improve their physical condition and to promote a healthy mind. Some of our top picks include:

  • Skin. Nails – as their oil levels change, so can the condition of their hair and skin. This supplement is great for teens with acne, and improves the overall health and condition of their skin, hair and nails.
  • Rewind Toxin Removal System – this incredible detox spray helps teenagers to deal with stress, keep calm, and fight anxiety.
  • Attention Max Nose Spray – a particularly bio-available liposomal spray that helps your healthy teenager with their attention and focus, as well as with keeping calm. It’s a great addition to their study routine.
  • Joint Guard – a must for teenagers playing sport, this helps to protect and strengthen their joints and supporting muscles.
  • Organamin – this has an incredible combination of minerals and trace elements. It helps growing bodies to develop strong, healthy bones. It also tones the skin, improves sleep, and reduces inflammation.

To order supplements for your healthy teenager, email today or visit our convenient online store.

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